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The old server switchers will soon be phased out in-place of the new 'devserver' connection method added to osu!
Instructions can be found in the #announcements section of our Discord :)

How to connect to Akatsuki

  • Register an account
  • Download the Akatsuki server switcher
  • Move all files from into a single folder.
  • Open switcher.exe. A prompt should appear asking if you’d like to install our certificate, click Yes.
  • Click Switch to Akatsuki. (You can now close the switcher)
  • Open This page, it should look like This.
  • Restart osu! and login with your newly created Akatsuki account.
  • Enjoy!


If you have any errors, open the Inspect tab of the switcher.

The important part of this tab is the Hosts file tab. If you had an error when switching to Akatsuki, most likely it will say your hosts file is not writable.

This is generally caused by antivirus programs; the switcher edits a system file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc called hosts; this allows us to redirect traffic from * to * (so you can connect to the server), however many adware programs also use the hosts file to redirect traffic to their less-than-reputable sites, so it it somewhat understandable that antivirus programs are careful.

Please diable your antivirus/firewall and try again. If issues persist, please consider joining our Discord’s #help channel, or check out our FAQ.

How to play on Akatsuki

Switching back to osu!

To switch back to the official osu! servers, simply open the switcher and click Switch to osu!. NOTE: You may find that your browser begins redirecting all osu! pages to Akatsuki. Don’t worry as this is normal - your browser ‘caches’ data so that it can repeat requests it has already done more efficiently. Some people are simply able to restart their browser, although more often than not you’ll have to manually clear your browser’s cache (5 second job). Simply hit Ctrl + H, click on “clear browsing data”, and select “Cookies and other site data”. You only need to select the time range your PC was switched to Akatsuki. Once that’s been cleared, a simple browser restart should fix it.